Cleaning Services in Queens, NY

Commercial Cleaning Services in Queens, NY

If you are having any issues with the cleaning of your environment and unable to get a quick response when an issue needs to be addressed right away, turn to the professionals at Gibbs Cleaning and you will be satisfied with their service!

Gibbs Cleaning delivers a high-quality of consistent cleaning to the five boroughs of New York City: Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Satisfied customers throughout Queens and the New York area are happy they chose Gibbs Cleaning. When you choose Gibbs Cleaning, you are hiring a team of highly motivated and qualified specialists to complete your janitorial services. Gibbs Cleaning of Queens, NY will not let you down!

What Gibbs Cleaning Services, Inc. Offers:

The Benefits of Choosing Gibbs Cleaning Services Inc.

  • Green Cleaning
  • Cleaning for Health

Gibbs Cleaning has access to the latest equipment such as microfiber cloths and mops and state of the art vacuums. These products help to remove a higher percentage of dirt and bacteria, which allows for less cleaning chemicals being used at your property. By implementing less chemicals, your indoor air quality is improved which creates a healthier setting for your employees, clients, colleagues as well as for the environment.