Our Promise


Customer Service

Gibbs Cleaning Services set themselves apart from the rest, as they do exactly what they say they will do. Gibbs knows that some cleaning companies depend on long-term contracts that tie customers down, and this is how they set themselves apart. Gibbs Cleaning prefers to have their cleaning “do the talking”, as they are confident in what they do. They build loyalty in their customers based off of their performance instead of having a contractual bind.


Gibbs Cleaning Services take responsibility and work hard to avoid issues or problems, but when they occur, they are addressed directly, quickly and completely.

  • Listen – It’s the only way to improve the service.
  • Solve – Remedy the issue. With your feedback and the Gibbs Cleaning Team, the issue can be resolved quickly.
  • Confirm – Even after the issue is resolved, the Gibbs Cleaning will follow up with you to confirm your satisfaction and find out whether additional action needs to be taken.